Professor Martin Tickle BDS, MSc, FDS [DPH, DDPH] RCS(Eng), PhD, FFPH

Photograph of Martin Tickle

Professor of Dental Public Health and Primary Care

Martin Tickle
Professor of Dental Public Health & Primary Care
Director of Research
School of Dentistry
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M15 6FH 


Professor Tickle is the Director of Research for the School of Dentistry. He is academic lead for the Population Health and Implementation Domain of the Manchester Academic Health Sciences Centre and has an honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health contract with Public Health England.

Memberships of Committees and Professional Bodies

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health
American Public Health Association
Dental Protection Society
British Dental Association
British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry
European Association of Dental Public Health
International Association of Dental Research
Society for Clinical Trials
IADR Investigator


Professor Martin Tickle qualified from the School of Dental, University Liverpool in 1981. He spent 8 years in general practice in a deprived area of inner-city Liverpool before moving into the hospital service in 1990. After working as a senior house officer in maxillofacial surgery he was awarded a Fellowship in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1991. In 1992 he started work in the Community Dental Service in Liverpool and commenced his studies as masters student in the University of Manchester in 1993. In 1994 he was appointed to a specialist training post in Dental Public Health in the Mersey Deanery, under the supervision of Tony Jenner (ex Deputy CDO for England). In 1995 he was awarded an MSc in Dental Public Health by Manchester University and the Diploma in Dental Public Health by the Royal College of Surgeons of England.
He completed his specialist training in Dental Public Health in 1998 and was entered onto the specialist register of the General Dental Council. In 1999 he was awarded his doctorate by the University of Manchester; the title of his thesis was Small area oral health care needs assessment.
The University of Manchester and Manchester and Salford & Trafford Health Authorities appointed Professor Tickle to a joint post as Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health in 2000. In 2002 he was appointed as Consultant in Dental Public Health for Greater Manchester Strategic Health Authority under an honorary NHS contract. In June 2003 he was awarded a NIHR Public Health Career Scientist Award, the first dentist to receive this prestigious award. In August 2005 the University of Manchester awarded him a personal chair in Dental Public Health and Primary Care. In 2007 Professor Tickle was recruited as honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health and dental lead for the North West Strategic Health Authority.
In 2004 Professor Tickle established the Oral Health Unit within the National Primary Care R&D Centre. He has received multiple research grants from the Department of Health, the NIHR Health Services & Delivery Research Programme, the NIHR HTA programme, NIHR Research for Patient Benefit. A NIHR Programme Development Grant, the Wellcome Trust, the Borrow Foundation and NHS organisations. He is Director of the highly successful Dental Integrated Academic Training Programme in Manchester, working very closely with the North West Deanery.
Professor Tickle is Director of Research for the School of Dentistry. He has published over 100 peer reviewed research papers in the foremost international journals in his field. Research undertaken by his group has had significant impact on policy and clinical practice, for example a large research programme undertaken in Manchester on school dental screening changed policy in the UK leading to cessation of the national school dental screening programme. He has received research funding in excess of £10 million over the last 10 years. Professor Tickle has an international reputation in dental public health and health services research. His research interests include reducing inequalities in dental disease and consumption of dental healthcare resources, the costs and effects of population programmes and practice-based interventions to reduce the impact of dental disease and improving the evidence base for delivery and organisation of dental care services. He has expertise in designing and managing large randomised controlled trials in public health and general practice settings and conducting health services research projects using mixed methods in different settings.


BDS The University of LIverpool 1981

FDS RCS The Royal College of Surgeons of England 1991 

DDPH The Royal College of Surgeons of England 1994

MSc in Dental Public Health The University of Manchester 1995

FDS [DPH] RSC Specialty Fellowship in Dental Public Health Royal College of Surgeons  Intercollegiate Board 1998

PhD The University of Manchester 1999

FFPH Faculty of Public Health 2008



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