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Photograph of Rebecca Craven

Senior Lecturer/Academic Consultant in Dental Health


I am Senior Lecturer in Dental Health, Programme Director for the Postgraduate programmes in Dental Public Health and year lead for year 1 of the BDS Programme.

I also work as an Academic Consultant in Dental Public Health, providing advice and support to Public Health England.

For several years I was an assessor for the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Exam and Programme Director for Higher Specialty Training in Dental Public Health in the North West.


My main focus is now on teaching and learning. I was previously a member of the Oral Health Unit within the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre (NPCRDC). My research interests included:
• identifying the impact of oral health problems on quality of life
• oral health of older people
• benefits of water fluoridation in adults
• developing evidence-based guidelines for practice.
Research income has been around £110,000 with over 35 refereed publications and 10 higher degrees supervised.

Postgraduate opportunities
For those new to research in the field of public health and primary health care the Master programme offers an excellent introduction. Please see for more information about postgraduate programmes.


  • Programme Director MDPH/MRes, University of Manchester
  • External examiner for BDS programme, Peninsula Collegeof Medicine & Dentistry
  • External examiner for the MPH programme, The University of Glasgow
  • Year lead, BDS year 1, University of Manchester


I qualified BDS from Bristol in 1980.  Following 5 years in the Community Dental Service in Huddersfield, I had hospital jobs in Cardiff and Glasgow. After obtaining FDS, further training followed in Dental Public Health at the University of Glasgow and general dental practice.  In 1990 I was appointed Lecturer at the University of Dublin Dental School and joined the staff at Manchester in 1992. In 1997 I graduated PhD and completed higher training in the specialty then in 2002 was ordained as an Anglican priest.  In 2007 I was elected a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health.



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